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Not for Profit


Free Microsoft Dynamics software for not-for-profits

Technology can be a powerful tool to help solve the world’s most challenging issues. It can enable your non-profit organization to be more productive, more innovative, and ultimately, to make more of an impact.

How does it work?


Microsoft is committed to empower non-profits to advance their missions through digital transformations enabled by secure and trusted technology. To build on this commitment, Microsoft is now offering eligible NFP’s free access through grants, to Microsoft software that will lower the barrier to entry for non-profits looking to automate and transform processes and drive mission impact through technology.

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What you receive


Discovery Session

To understand your needs and show how Dynamics 365 can meet them and improve your organisation's performance in key business areas.

FREE Dynamics 365

5 free seats of Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise via CSP and EA. Ensure your key decision makers operate via a single system.

FREE Power Apps

Automate routine business activities with 10 free seats of Power Apps (Per App Plan) via Direct, CSP, and EA.

FREE Training and Support

Free customisation and initial training on how to operate your new systems, plus heavily discounted on-going support for NFPs.

Why partner with RENSkyTech?

At RENSkyTech, we simplify the Microsoft maze. As a GOLD Microsoft partner, we understand Microsoft software’s potential and limits and we help our clients to apply it to solve specific problems they face. This is the biggest point of difference between dealing with Microsoft directly, and working with RENSkyTech. The same way you visit a GP rather than going straight to a pharmacist. Our focus and incentive is on solving your problems, not selling products. We have 22 years of experience working with NFPs.


We understand your needs and constraints better than any other local provider of CRM systems.

What can this do for your business?


Empower your employees to be more effective at their job. Readily provide the information they need to excel in their role.
Build Relationships
Improve your relationship with all of your key stakeholders by more efficiently recording and responding to their needs.
Make it easier to raise funds, deliver services and comply with regulation and simplify administration and reporting.
Create a more secure organisation with cloud services and efficiently managed digital access rights.
Create a more stable organisation by making it simple for employees to take over from previous employees.

Need to take this offer to the board? Download information brochure