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Not for Profits

Do more good

Technology can be a powerful tool to help solve the world’s most challenging issues. It can enable nonprofit organizations to be more productive, more innovative, and ultimately, to drive greater societal impact. Microsoft is committed to empower nonprofits to advance their missions through digital transformations enabled by secure and trusted technology.


The case for digital transformation

Nonprofits operate in a world of highly constrained resources. Doing more with less requires changing how you work. Technology can help accelerate your mission in a number of ways:

  • Engage donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries to strengthen support and participation
  • Empower employees to be more productive and creative
  • Optimize operations from field to office
  • Innovate for impact to accelerate your mission

Our approach


“Microsoft is empowering mission-driven organizations around the planet with a donation of cloud computing services—the most transformative technologies of our generation.” Satya Nadella


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Nonprofit Offers

At RENSkyTech we are commited to follow Microsoft direction on assisting Not for Profit’s in utilizing the power of technology to digitally transforming their organizations and drive greater impact in the world. Microsoft has committed to delivering technology solutions that are accessible, affordable, and relevant for nonprofits everywhere. Donations and discounts are available for cloud solutions including Microsoft 365, Office 365, Power BI, Azure, Microsoft Surface and Volunteer Offers.


As a Microsoft partner and a Premium Supplier with the Connecting Up organisation https://bit.ly/2PcxV7q We have an understanding on the goals of Microsoft for reaching over 300,000 nonprofits in the next three years, the Microsoft partner ecosystem is critical to our success. These partnerships provide relevant nonprofit technology solutions and services critical to helping nonprofits scale and drive greater impact around the world.

Contact us

To learn more about nonprofit offers and to get help finding the right products for your organization, contact our Nonprofit Sales Desk via email or phone aka.ms/NonprofitContactUs.

Get started: accelerate your mission with secure and reliable Microsoft solutions

You’re changing the world. We’re committed to helping you make a greater impact. Get started today with nonprofit offers from Microsoft.