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Managing Director at RENSkyTech Gains Another Certificate

Managing Director at RENSkyTech Gains Another Certificate

The RENSkyTech team would like to congratulate our Managing Director Russell Nankervis, who has successfully completed MB-200 Microsoft Dynamics CRM certification. He has dedicated to self-improving his understanding and knowledge in these assorted areas.


Russell had to be tested on his knowledge and ability to accomplish each of the technical tasks listed:

        • Create and validate documentation
            • create high-level entity relationship diagram
            • create and document mock-ups
        • Perform continuous collaboration with customer
            • identify collaboration tools
            • perform an audit
        • Create and configure apps
            • configure settings to meet minimal capabilities
            • configure out of the box and custom items to meet minimal capabilities specified
        •  Create and manage processes
            • configure a business rule
            • configure a business process flow
        • Modify an existing data model
            • create new or an modify existing entity(s)
            • create new or modify existing relationships
        • Import and export data
            • import data by using the import data wizard
            • export data from Dynamics 365
        • Manage data
            • perform data clean-up
            • mitigate data loading risks
        • Configure security in Office 365
            • identify Dynamics 365 Admin role assignments
            • add users to security group administration Configure security settings
        • Configure App for Outlook
            • identify required client software requirements
            • identify required server software requirements
        • Configure email integration
            • configure email mailboxes
            • configure email protocols
        • Manage environments
            • determine whether to use managed or unmanaged solution
            • determine sub-components to include in a solution
        • Manage applications
            • manage applications using the Dynamics 365 Administration Centre
            • manage Dynamics 365 applications using solutions Perform system administration
        • Perform system administration
            • configure subjects
            • configure custom help
        • Perform quality assurance
            • create system, performance, unit, and regression testing scripts
            • perform performance tuning
        • Manage solutions
            • create solutions
            • export solutions

Russell’s dedication to completing his MB-200 Microsoft Dynamics CRM certification, shows personal growth and initiative. His illustrious commitment to self-improvement is to be commended. He is highly respected among the RENSkyTech team. Well done Russell.

Learn more here: Microsoft Learn(Opens in a new browser tab)


RENSky Technologies
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